Author: Phyllis Henderson

4 Effective Ways to Motivate your Working Force

If you have strong beliefs and work extremely hard for your company, then good job, you are half way done with the required things to get your business on the right track. The next half is to convince everyone that is working for you to share that motivation and to become a part of your goal. If you have tried already and failed don’t stress out just shift your perspective and try new methods that can help your workforce to become a better team. Make a game out of their daily goals People love to play, and they love...

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Useful tips on how to start Your Own Company

So, you decided it’s time to let go of your former business and start a new adventure on your own. While this is a bold move, we hope that you are ready for such a task and if not check out our tips that can certainly help you be on the right track. Analyze yourself Working as your own boss is amazing. However, nobody is perfect, and if you understand that you need to know your weaknesses and how to overcome them. If you strive to be good at everything, you will never be amazing at anything. Instead, focus...

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